Mar 20, 2011

AspieTwin Powers ACTIVATE

This is the first comic I have put up in a WEEK. A whole WEEEEK. But it's for good reason. School shit was abound, and I am afraid school comes before Pusbuckets. Then I was too busy gettin' down on Friday to do one. I'm back on schedule now! Every two days expect a new comic!

Another Diversity Squad Team comic? Yes. I enjoy this team. This comic is about the AspieTwins. The female can turn into any of her OCs (Original Characters, which are almost always just Mary Sue Sparkledogs and/or recolors of other people's characters, having the sole flaw of "clumsiness"), and the man-child can turn into any form of bodily excretion. THE PERFECT TEAM.

1 comment:

  1. You forgot to mention that the lion-vampire-bat-thing is most likely seen in colours that have NEVER BEEN SEEN IN NATURE BEFORE
    i.e. neon green and pink. In order that predators might find it and PUT IT OUT OF ITS MISERY.


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