Mar 29, 2011


This is based on true events, much in the same way that Texas Chainsaw Massacre was based on true events, in that something sort of like this happened, but I've changed it to make it exciting and not about Ed Gein. Also, LOOK OUT THERE'S CURSES. That warning is for all my relatives who don't approve of cursing, which is all of them. I used it as a crutch in this comic because it wasn't being funny. Curses make things funny sometimes. However, I am afraid nothing could save this comic from being lame. I have been full of inspiration lately, but only for drawing monsters, so I didn't have any comic ideas. All of them were like this. Maybe I'll do a Diversity Squad Team comic. There is no way to make those not fun. Anyway, enjoy this lame comic.

PS. Do you like raptor-me in the third panel there? I do. That's stalking-raptor. Sometimes I am attack-raptor, as well.

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