Jul 10, 2011

Summer YEAH

So yeah... it's been a whiiile since my last update. I am sure everyone thought I was dead or in a coma or in space, or in space in a coma. Unfortunately, I wasn't doing anything nearly as cool as being dead or being in a space-coma. I was watching Battlestar Galactica and looking at the internet. But I managed to find time in my INCREDIBLY busy schedule of BSG and internetting to write this comic about why I haven't done comics in forever. PS there's a new character! HOW WILL YOU EVER KEEP TRACK OF THEM ALL. His name is Leif and the only reason he exists is so I can use his internet, because I don't have any yet and he lives across the street from me. Also sometimes he fixes my computer. So he's a very important character.

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  1. Kitties! KITTIES!

    Have I told you how much I love Joker Palin?

    Yr aunt-outlaw Melody


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